Online Education

The Importance of Online Teacher Training

A countries education system stands at the heart of its development. Online education provides a level playing field. It provides a vehicle for bridging skill and knowledge gaps between experienced and less experienced teachers, and between advanced education systems and those that are catching up. By bridging this gap, the online delivery of education programs, allows us to be part of a positive cycle of improving education outcomes.

Teaching is a vocation. Teachers influence the next generation and generously give their time, so that others may flourish. Impacting students’ lives in a meaningful way means keeping up to date with developments in teaching and learning methods. Prof provides courses that address these needs.

Technology changes and the increasing automation of work places, require students to develop “Future skills”.  We have taken on board the challenge and our programs are focused on developing teachers so that they can go on to deliver education to students with a focus on “future skills”.


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